Insurance Protection from the devastating effects of identity theft

    There are a number of identity theft products that offer a guarantee. Some sound so good you may even think you are getting insurance, but you’re not. We provide the security of real insurance.

 What this Policy is all about.

  • This policy has redefined Identity theft insurance with its broader coverage, and carries some of the higher insurance limits available in the market.
  • If your identity is breached or you just think there is a problem, you will have access to a specialized resolution service that will do most of the work in helping you resolve the issues; and this service is provided in addition to the limit of insurance.
  • Free credit monitoring service will be made available to the primary insured.
  • If you become a victim of identity theft, we will restore your identity, or exhaust the policy limit trying to do so.
  • And, this policy provides coverage for you, your spouse or domestic partner, your children age 21 or under living at home, and your children age 24 or under if they are full time students, all for one low annual premium of $126.25.
  • Underwritten by American Southern Ins. Co., with a financial rating of “A”, excellent from A M Best & Co.